Thursday, May 26, 2011

Site Analysis + Concept: Feed Thy Neighbor (Alicia and Amber)

The core concept to our site analysis and seed for future design is Feed Thy Neighbor: Tapping into the importance of neighborliness, job development and commercial food production, Feed Thy Neighbor, will provide job training for growing, cultivating and cooking fresh produce simultaneously building relationships with surrounding food sellers and producers. A sense of interconnectedness between neighbors will emerge through the sharing of food. Whole Foods, The New Museum Cafe and Freeman's Tavern, will are potential buying partners for Bowery Mission greens, herbs, other produce and potentially larger scale salsa production!

The site analysis consists of a) unbound analysis and b) site-bound analysis

The unbound diagram looks at the existing relationships between people, loci of food production and consumption and the spatial relationship between neighbors (visibility, distribution distance). The accompanying diagram looks at sustainable sourcing from the client-side: currently fresh produce is sourced at both an unsustainable cost and distance. The potential companion farm may alleviate this constraint.

The site-bound diagram series assesses the challenges and opportunities of the site under three lenses: connectivity and movement; water collection and irrigation; seasonal shading sites and potential vegetation.

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